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Opening of the Affûtés Garage, in Parc-Ex

And here we go with a new project, the Garage! We’ve been wanting to do some welding for a while. You ask us. But metal and wood don’t mix. And we didn’t have a welder in our happy team of Sharpeners. So we waited, waiting for the right time, the right person and the right […]

The vaccine passport at Les Affûtés

The Covid measures have changed a bit as we enter the end of 2021, and we are now subject to the vaccine passport. Here’s how it will work. Implementation The vaccination passport will be requested from participants in group workshops and from users in autonomy from Monday 20th December 2021. Cancelation or modification If you […]

Our policy to reschedule or cancel

Exchange At les Affûtés, you can exchange at no charge, up to 48 hours before the workshop starts, to register for a later date, if the workshop is reorganized, or to register for another workshop. We then create a credit, valid on any future workshop or activity. This is also what happens during the pandemic, […]