Are you ready to shake up your vegetables and turn your kitchen into a vegetarian playground? Would you like to embark on a creative adventure featuring tofu, chickpeas and a variety of vegetables?

In this 3-hour vegetarian workshop, we invite you to explore the delights of meatless cooking. Using a kitchen blender and basic utensils, we’ll learn how to concoct magic tofu, prepare creamy hummus and discover the secret of veggie pâté. Everyone will leave with light bites and bold flavors!

Using a whisk and blender, we’ll expertly emulsify, blend and season. We’ll discover a whole host of tricks for making tasty, personalized vegetarian products!

Skills required: None! This workshop is open to all enthusiastic novices and practiced vegetarians in search of inspiration.

Price includes all necessary materials, kitchen equipment and raw materials.

Cooking workshops are held in the kitchen of the Centre de Ressources et d’Action Communautaire de la Petite-Patrie (CRACPP), at the corner of Drolet and Bélanger streets. We’ll let you know the exact address once you’ve registered.

Note: remember to bring your own containers so you can leave with the products you’ve made. 

Are you a fan of éclairs and chouquettes and have always wondered how to make a good choux pastry (puff)? Did you know that the magic starts with simple ingredients and a pinch of good humor?

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll learn how to master the delicious art of choux pastry. Equipped with simple kitchen utensils, we’ll discover all the steps needed to make a successful choux pastry. Everyone will leave with chouquettes and éclairs (without the filling). We’ll also learn how to make patry crackers to add texture.

After covering all the necessary ingredients, we’ll go into detail on each element of a good choux pastry, as well as techniques for poaching, using a pastry bag and personalizing pastries.

Skills required: None! The workshop is open to all gourmands.

Price includes all necessary materials, kitchen equipment, raw materials and delicious pastries.

Cooking workshops are held in the kitchen of the Centre de Ressources et d’Action Communautaire de la Petite-Patrie (CRACPP), at the corner of Drolet and Bélanger streets. We’ll let you know the exact address once you’ve registered.

Note: remember to bring your own containers so you can take home the products you’ve made.

Would you like to enjoy the sunny days on your balcony, in the park or on a camping trip? Looking for a portable seat that’s easy to carry?

That’s what this workshop is for! In 3 hours, our workshop leaders will guide you through the making of a stool, foldable in solid wood and recycled banner. We’ll cover the basics of woodworking: using templates, cutting with a miter saw, drilling parts with a drill press, assembly and gluing techniques, finishing with a router and orbital and belt sanders, then we’ll finish by installing the banner with pneumatic staplers.

Everyone will leave with their own folding stool, ideal for making the most of the summer.

Skills required: none! Apart from a love of chilling out in the sun.

Chair dimensions: 18.5″ x 16″ x 18

Price includes all hardware (wood, banner, hardware)

Looking for an introduction to woodworking? You want to offer handmade gifts?

Ideal for the home or to offer a useful and original gift, this 3 hour workshop led by Marie-Eve, will be the perfect opportunity to learn some woodworking techniques while creating beautiful objects that will decorate your home or that of your loved ones.

You will have the opportunity to discover the use and safety of different machines and techniques such as

Cutting methods with the bench saw and miter saw, techniques for making holes with the hand drill and stopped holes with the drill press, tips for handling the jigsaw without it turning into a disaster! We will also cover, in a few simple maneuvers, the use of belt and orbital sanders, as well as the under-table router.

Everyone will leave with the following items:

A cutting station
A poster frame made of wooden sticks
A key holder

Skills required: None, open to beginners! This is also a great opportunity to come and practice and make something concrete with your hands if you have already done Induction 1 and/or DIY Essentials.

Price includes all tools, materials and expert advice from a professional.

Do you dream of having some greenery on your balcony or in your yard? Do you want to learn how to work with wood while creating a useful object that you will see every day?

This 3-hour workshop is for you! You will go through all the steps of making your own vegetable garden out of solid wood. You’ll learn the basics of woodworking, from planning the project to assembly, cutting the pieces with a miter saw and installing a geotextile fabric.

Everyone will leave with a standing garden ready to plant!

Skills required: none, everyone is welcome.

Dimensions: 39″ long x 10″ wide x 23″ high (can be made wider and shorter).

The price includes all necessary materials and lots of advice (in woodworking, not horticulture)!

Do you want to give your kitchen a bit of dynamism with beautiful solid wood objects? You also want to learn how to work with wood?

This workshop is for you! In 3 hours, we will make three objects that will look great in your kitchen: a salt/pepper shaker kit, a spatula and an assembled trivet that can be taken apart for easy storage.

You will also learn how to use a mitre saw, a drill press, a band saw, a sandblaster and to (re)discover different woodworking techniques.

Skills required: none, except for the ability to cook!

The price includes all materials and professional advice (in woodworking, not in cooking)!

Are you tired of looking like an amateur when you’re doing DIY? Do you want to know how to pick the right tool for your project, and how to use it safely?

This 3-hour workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use the different tools that are essential for all your DIY projects and small renovations! You will learn all about power tools: manual radial saw, jigsaw, circular saw (track saw), drill and screwdriver, nailer… and also different measuring tools, the types of clamps, which tool to choose for which hole, or which drill bits for which screws.

You’ll also learn how to safely adjust and handle these very useful tools, to be autonomous at home.

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to beginners.

The price includes all materials and hundreds of tips!

Do you want to become independent on all types of woodworking machines? Do you want to know how to instinctively pick and use the right tool, no matter the project?

This first step of this Woodworking Induction will take you through the operation of the workshop and show you how to use essential machines such as the mitre saw, band saw, drill press, sanders. This will give you an understanding of how to set up and operate these machines and the risks involved.

Skills required: None, this workshop is open to beginners as well as to those who want to deepen their knowledge and be able to use the machines independently for their projects.

Would you like to make all sorts of wooden objects? Are you looking for a great gift to give?

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn how to make three customizable objects:
– a tasting board
– a candle holder made of Montreal ash
– a wine bottle stopper

During this workshop, our wood expert will guide us through all the steps of fabrication: cutting with different saws, assembling, drilling, finishing with sanders, oiling… From technique to finishing, you will leave with 3 beautiful handmade objects to offer to your friends and family!

Skills required: none, except the desire to please!

The price includes all the necessary materials and advice.

Do you want to build your own skateboard? Customize it to your taste? Understand how to make a durable and beautiful wood object?

This workshop, will be the perfect opportunity to discover this around the creation of a solid wood skateboard.

You will learn how to glue solid wood, flatten a board, cut out a desired shape, sand perfectly and fix the trucks solidly!

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to beginners, and to children (with the presence of an adult during all the class) from 12 years old.

The prices includes tools, and long-lasting materials (wood, wheels, bearings…). We do not include skateboarding lessons, however 🙂

PS: If you come with a child, it is important to write to us to check availability and validate your registration.