Would you like to learn how to work with leather and create a useful, timeless object? Would you like to wear a unique, handcrafted watch on your wrist?

In this 3-hour workshop, Alexis will leas us through the creation of a beautiful leather watch! For this occasion, we’re pleased to collaborate with Montreal-based Chikiboom, a company that shares our values of enlightened consumption, local purchasing and ecology! The watch dials and buckles on offer come from this beautiful project.

First, we’ll cover the various tools and techniques of basic leatherworking, making the leather watchband: choice of leather and design; cutting patterns; perforating holes; beveling edges; stitching… Then we’ll move on to finishing and assembling the strap to the dial.

Everyone will have the opportunity to personalize their project according to their style and desires, thanks to several choices of leather colors, dials, buckles and bracelet designs!

Skills required: none, apart from a love of punctuality.

The price includes all necessary materials (leather, dial and hardware), as well as extensive advice.

Would you like to learn how to make a rug? Would you like to put your feet up on something cozy?

In two 3-hour sessions, textile design expert Emilie will explain the basics of tufting, while you make your own personalized rug.

You’ll learn how to thread and handle the tufting gun, make straight lines as well as curves to reproduce a pattern or image of your choice from our available visuals. You’ll then clean up your lines with a wool razor to come define and even out your creation.

You’ll be able to select your wool colors from our inventory made available especially for the course.

We provide a choice of designs to create your rug, but if you have a specific idea and want to make your own image, you can trace it freehand on the day of the class or in advance on paper/cardboard up to a maximum size of 20″ x 20″. You can then glue it to the back of the canvas to come and transfer your design onto it. Please note: The image you trace on your canvas will be reversed on the front side of the rug, as we always work on the back of the canvas. If you’re planning lettering, remember to write it reversed on your paper.

Skills required: none, this workshop is suitable for beginners.

Maximum size of practice frame: 2 feet X 2 feet (final size will vary according to the design chosen).

Price includes tools, wool, felt, glue and expert tufting advice.


:date: Our training schedules:


:danger: INTENSIVE sessions (2 sessions of 3 hours, each on the same day) – Remember to bring your lunch!

  • – Those starting at 10 a.m. will take place on the same day from 10 am to 1pm and 2pm to 5 pm.
  • – Those starting at 2 p.m. will take place on the same day from 2 pm to 5pm and 6pm to 9 pm.

Do you like the idea of learning to sew while upcycling materials? Would you like to make a multi-purpose bag that will go with you every day?

In this 3h30 workshop, Kathryn will help us make a maxi tote bag, using leather from the circular economy! This durable, practical and elegant bag will follow us on all our urban escapades. We’ll cover the fundamentals of sewing and how the sewing machine works, while learning to sew a rigid material and working with angles and 3D volumes. We’ll also discover the different processes involved in sewing leather by machine, as well as applied pieces.

Each participant will be able to choose between several colors and textures of leather (smooth side or suede side) and personalize their tote bag according to their desires: size, number and shape of pockets, colors of straps…

Skills required: basic sewing skills and experience of using a sewing machine.

The price includes all materials and lots of useful advice.

NB: Workshop time is indicative, and may take longer for some participants. We therefore recommend that you don’t schedule an appointment right afterwards!

Would you like to proudly wear a beautiful wadded cotton, like our friends at Bleu Jeans Bleu? Would you like to go one step further and create a garment from fabric scraps?

In this 6-hour course (2 sessions of 3 hours each), Kathryn takes us into the world of recycled fabrics and offers us a great alternative for reusing our fabric scraps: create a unique, personalized wadded cotton garment from scraps of various shapes and colors!

We’ll cover all the basics of sewing:

– Session 1: choosing, cutting and assembling scraps.

– Session 2: reading a pattern, cutting fabric, stitching, assembling a sleeve, collar or finishing.

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to all those who enjoy reusing materials! If you have old sweatshirt you’d like to upcycle, don’t hesitate to bring it along.

The price includes all necessary materials, lots of scraps and Kathryn’s good humor!


:date: The dates of our courses: 


  • – Starts on Thursday, March 14 and continues on Thursday March 21, from 6 p.m to 9 p.m.

:danger:  INTENSIVE courses (2 sessions of 3 hours, the same day). Don’t forget your lunch!

  • – Session on Saturday March 9, from 10am to 1pm, then from 2pm to 5pm.
  • – Session on Saturday April 6, from 10am to 1pm, then from 2pm to 5pm.

NB: Workshop time is indicative, and may take longer for some participants. We therefore recommend that you don’t schedule an appointment right afterwards!

Would you like to discover the different uses of wool? Would you like to learn about felting while making soft soaps to take care of yourself?

In this 3-hour workshop, Jesse will introduce you to the fluffy world of wool felting, and help you make beautiful felted soaps! We’ll be using the water felting technique, which allows us to quickly create resistant textiles, without knitting or weaving, using the natural qualities of wool. Water, heat, soap and rubbing join the fibers together. The resulting felted soap will last longer, while gently exfoliating the skin.

Each participant will be able to felt 2 soaps (previously made by our soap-maker), and will have a choice of wool colors and design ideas.

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to all those who are curious!

Price includes all materials, handmade soaps and very clean hands.

Tired of searching everywhere for your winter hat or scarf? Want to wrap up warm and cozy in a hooded neck warmer that’ll take you wherever you go?

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll learn the basics of sewing by making a warm, comfortable and customizable item that will take you through the winter: a lined hooded neck warmer (balaclava)! We’ll discover how to thread a sewing machine, how to work with thick fabrics, the basics of lined work and how to topstitch.

The fabrics used for this workshop come mainly from the circular economy. Everyone will have a choice of materials and colors, which vary from workshop to workshop!

Skills required: none, apart from a little patience and a love of warmth…

The price includes all materials and lots of professional advice!

Are you thinking of building a cottage yourself? Would you like to buy land to build your own home, but don’t know where to start?

This 3-hour workshop, led by Pierre, a carpenter by trade, is here to guide you through the various stages of such a project.

We’ll take you through the crucial stages of a greenfield construction project. From the first idea to the start of construction.
We’ll take the opportunity to share all the important keys to self-build, so you don’t miss out on the essential stages of your project.
In particular, we’ll cover the following topics

  • Project outline and definition of requirements
  • Defining a budget
  • Locating and choosing a plot of land
  • Rights and duties as homeowners

Skills required: none, this workshop is suitable for beginners and the very curious.

The price includes everything you need for a successful workshop, plus professional advice.

NB: feel free to bring your own notes.

Would you like to learn how to work with leather and create something practical and fun? Would you like to add a touch of nature to your key ring?

In this 3-hour workshop, Alexis will help you make an animal-themed leather key ring! We’ll start by learning about the various tools and techniques involved in basic leatherwork, using materials from the circular economy. Once you’ve chosen your pattern and leather pieces, you’ll start cutting, perforating, hand-stitching and stuffing to create a personalized key ring.

Each participant will have a choice of 4 animal patterns, as well as several colors of leather and thread.

Skills required: none, apart from a little attention to detail and patience.

The price includes all materials and lots of good advice!

As part of the Circular Economy Month, a topic particularly close to our hearts, we’re giving a challenge to our lovely community!

Use your creativity to take up the Scraps Challenge… No need to be a pro, it’s boldness and creativity that will be rewarded!

We’ll be wrapping up the Scraps Challenge with an event on Saturday, October 28, at Les Affûtés Petite Italie, from 2 to 5 pm, where we’ll get together and award the prizes to the grand winners in each category.

Here are the 3 categories for you to let your imagination run wild:

  1. Halloween (costume, decor or any other spooky creation) 🎃
  2. The most useful 🔨
  3. The wackiest 🤪

How does it work?
– Register for the event on Saturday, October 28. You can register as a participant or just a visitor with voting rights!

– We’ll make a whole range of scraps available for free at our two locations: wood, fabric, metal, plexiglass, leather, mosaic, plant moss… You can also use your own scraps if you have any at home.

Les Affûtés scraps will be available :
– at Petite-Italie from Tuesday, October 10
– at the Village from Wednesday, October 11.

– You then have two weeks to complete your project, at Les Affûtés or elsewhere. Note that you’ll have to pay for your own time if you do it at Les Affûtés.

– Show up with your best smile at Les Affûtés Petite-Italie on October 28, at 1:30 p.m. (to have some time to find the perfect place to display your work).

– Around 3:30 p.m.: everyone will take part in the votes to name the best project for each category, and an awards ceremony will close the event!

🎁🎁🎁 There will be a gift for each winner, matching the theme of the chosen category.

We can’t wait to see what your imagination comes up with!

Would you like to learn how to work with wood, while making a game to liven up your evenings with friends?

In this 3-hour workshop, Romain, head cabinetmaker, will guide us through the making of a wood and leather game board with a leather pocket for dice.

You’ll also learn how to use a hand drill, miter saw, drill press, router, sandblaster and (re)discover different woodworking techniques. We’ll also be working with leather to make the little pouch.

Ideal as a gift, this kit is sure to delight your friends and family.

Skills required: none, apart from playing for hours at the cottage or in the park!

Price includes all materials and professional advice! Five dice are supplied with the tray and bag.