Your favorite garment is getting old but you can’t part with it? Would you like to be able to duplicate it over and over again?

During this 2 x 3-hr session course, Adam will teach us all the steps needed to duplicate a garment. You will then be able to duplicate your favorite T-shirt in a multitude of colors!

Class 1: Pattern making (seam values, notches, medians…) and 2D transcription of a garment in 3D.
Class 2: Finishing and finishing the pattern; notions of assembly routing; project-related assembly techniques; finishing.

Skills required: none, this workshop is accessible to all!

Some important points:

  • It is recommended to choose a simple garment such as T-shirt, hoodie, skirt, shorts… And to avoid zippers and complex garments (shirt, coat, lining).
  • The necessary fabric will be acquired by the participants between the 2 courses according to their preferences and the style they are looking for.
  • We will not need the sewing machine for the first class.

This course includes 3 hours of autonomy to come and work on your project between sessions.

The price includes the know-how, the paper for the pattern and lots of pro tips!


:date: The dates of our courses:


– Starts on Wednesday, April 16th and continues on April 23th, from 6 p.m to 9 p.m.

Note: The workshop time is indicative, and it may take longer for some participants. So we recommend that you don’t schedule an appointment right after.

Do you find wooden furniture as beautiful and endearing as it is imperfect? Would you like to give some love to that chair whose rungs are threatening to give way?

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll discover the basics of furniture restoration, while respecting its style and origins! Whether it’s your ancestor’s battered chest of drawers, a rickety chair found in an alley, or a piece of Scandinavian furniture that’s aged, this workshop will show us the steps we need to take to restore our old wooden furniture to its former glory.

After discussing the precautions to be taken when salvaging, we’ll go through the various stages of restoration:
– Cleaning and stripping
– Analysis of work and products required
– Disassembly and reassembly
– Finishing

We’ll then take a look at common problems and their solutions: furniture legs; seats; drawer slides; drawer bottoms; chair rungs; repairing misfits.

Finally, we’ll look at the finishing stage, which brings the final touch to your project! We’ll learn how to apply finishing products with brushes and cloths; different finishing products (ancestral, ecological and modern); and how to make your own furniture polish.

Skills required: none, apart from a little curiosity.

The price includes all necessary materials and thousands of tips for your DIY projects!

Note: this workshop is mainly theoretical. If you have an object to restore, you can bring it in for a diagnosis. It just has to be small enough to be carried in your hands (drawer, chair seat, furniture leg…).

Are you a few inches short of the height you need to reach things? Would you like to raise your screen to improve your posture while working?

In this 3-hour workshop led by Guillaume, head cabinetmaker, you’ll learn the basics of woodworking, while creating a useful, multi-functional object. This versatile object can be used as a walker, a plant stand, aa screen elevator, a footrest for the sofa, desk or toilet…

We’ll look at techniques such as machine use and safety, gluing and assembling solid wood, the use of templates and angled cuts.

The machines we’ll need for this project are: miter saw, bench saw, orbital and stationary sander and drill press.

Dimensions: 11inches x 9inches x 11inches

Skills required: none, this workshop is accessible to beginners.

Price includes all materials and valuable advice from Guillaume.

Would you like to learn how to sew a unique case for your laptop or tablet? Does the idea of giving fabrics a second life appeal to you?

In this 3-hour workshop, Kathryn, an advocate of the circular economy, will accompany us as we make a laptop case from recycled materials! We’ll cover the basics of sewing and how the sewing machine works. We’ll also take a look at different processes, such as using fusible fabrics to assemble the various pieces; quilting between a layer of tulle and stuffing; doubling a piece and topstitching.

Thanks to a wide choice of fabric scraps, everyone will be able to give free rein to their creativity and develop their own design, to create a 100% unique piece! The size of the case will be adapted to the size of your computer (or tablet): remember to take measurements before the workshop.

Skills required: none, not even computer skills!

The price includes all necessary materials and invaluable professional advice.

Would you like to get started in woodworking and make something elegant and practical? Would you like to show off that beautiful plant in your living room?

In this 3.5-hour workshop, our workshop leader introduces us to the basics of woodworking, by creating a solid wood plant stand. We’ll make a unique, customizable object, using materials from the circular economy! You can also make a planter in black expanded PVC, if you wish.

This workshop will be an opportunity to use different machines and tools, such as: mitre saws; band saws; disc, drum and orbital sanders; inverted routers; drills and screwdrivers. You’ll learn different techniques such as: making 90° cuts; chamfering; proper sanding.

There’s a choice of wood types and designs, and you can customize the height (12″ to 16″) and width (6″ to 14″) of your stand.

Note: if you already have the pot that will sit on your stand, don’t forget to take its measurements (diameter of pot and saucer).

Skills required: none, everyone’s welcome!

The price includes all the materials you’ll need, plus lots of professional advice (on wood, not horticulture)!

Have you always loved the style of cycling caps? Would you like to have your own, personalized to your taste and made by you?

In this 3.5-hour workshop led by Emilie, an expert in bicycle cap creation, we’ll discover the basics of sewing while creating an original and practical accessory.

What could be better than making your own cap while learning the basics of sewing, and then wearing it proudly while riding through the streets of Montreal? Just as practical for pedestrians !

During the workshop, we’ll cover the basics of sewing and how the sewing machine works. We’ll also learn how to sew in straight and zigzag stitches, sew curves, adjust the pattern to the size of your head, assemble the fabric, install a visor, attach an elastic band and finish.

Each participant will be able to choose from a range of circular-economy fabrics, and leave with a unique, made-to-measure cap!

Skills: This workshop is open to all, cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

The price includes all necessary materials and lots of valuable advice.

NB: Workshop time is indicative, and may take longer for some participants. We therefore recommend that you don’t schedule an appointment immediately afterwards!

Would you like to know more about how a house structure is made? Are you planning to build your own framework for your future home one day?

This workshop is designed to get you started in the world of carpentry.
We’ll look at the topic of the timber-frame house from a global perspective, i.e. why and how it’s so prevalent in our Western societies. Then, we’ll review the main techniques essential to the realization of a carpentry project.

During this 3-hour workshop, Pierre will pass on his knowledge in the following stages:

– In the first theoretical part, we’ll discover the wood-frame house (its history, usefulness, advantages and
advantages and disadvantages), as well as the means required for its implementation.

– In the second part, we’ll discover the composition of a wall (load-bearing, non-load-bearing, perimeter, etc.).

– And in the third part, during a participatory activity, we’ll be practicing the principles of house stability (participants will be asked to imagine possible
and we’ll see together if it holds or not, and why).

Skills required: none, this workshop is suitable for beginners and the very curious.

The price includes all materials and the advice of a professional carpenter.

NB: feel free to bring your own notes.

Would you like to enjoy the sunny days on your balcony, in the park or on a camping trip? Looking for a portable seat that’s easy to carry?

That’s what this workshop is for! In 3 hours, our workshop leaders will guide you through the making of a stool, foldable in solid wood and recycled banner. We’ll cover the basics of woodworking: using templates, cutting with a miter saw, drilling parts with a drill press, assembly and gluing techniques, finishing with a router and orbital and belt sanders, then we’ll finish by installing the banner with pneumatic staplers.

Everyone will leave with their own folding stool, ideal for making the most of the summer.

Skills required: none! Apart from a love of chilling out in the sun.

Chair dimensions: 18.5″ x 16″ x 18

Price includes all hardware (wood, banner, hardware)

Are you tired of sitting on the floor when you want to meditate? Is your couch too high and you don’t know what to do with your feet? Have you always wanted to learn how to upholster furniture?

In this 3 hours workshop, Nina, a trained upholsterer, will explain the basics of upholstery while making a plump little pouf.

We will cover the basics of upholstering, such as choosing the right fabric and foam, the right tension to use and the basic tools to get started.

Ottoman size 12”x12”x9”.

Skills required: none, except the love of comfortable seating!

The price includes the material and valuable advice.

Would you like to learn how to make your own lingerie pieces? Would you like to deepen your sewing skills by making a romantic and seductive textile project?

In this 4 hour workshop, Cécile will help us create a lingerie must-have: the satin nightie!

During the workshop, we will learn how to work this slippery material through different steps: pinning; zigzag seams; straight seams; hemming; straps and stretch lace finishing.

Everyone will have the choice of several satin colors, as well as the positioning of the lace!

Prerequisite: previous experience with a sewing workshop and/or knowledge of the sewing machine.

The price includes all materials and Cécile’s precious advice.

NB: The workshop time is indicative, and it may take longer for some participants. We therefore recommend that you do not schedule an appointment right after!