Birdsong brightens your day, and you’d like to give them a cozy nest to hear and observe them up close?

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to build a birdhouse out of solid wood.
You’ll learn how to use the tools and techniques to cut straight and at an angle with a miter saw, as well as how to drill holes with a drill press. You’ll also discover how to nail quickly and efficiently with a pneumatic nailer.
To complete the assembly, we’ll cleanly install a piano hinge on the cabin roof. Perfect for keeping an eye on the comfort of your little feathered tenants!

At the end of the workshop, we’ll prepare our tree house for finishing at home, whether with oil, varnish or paint, following a sanding step.

Cabin dimensions: 16” long, 10 ¼” wide and 8” high. Its exterior dimensions can be modified if you want to make it smaller, and the layout of the interior compartment can be arranged to suit your taste.

Skills required: None. This workshop is open to anyone who wants to add a little life to their balcony or garden!

The price includes wood, tools, hardware and professional advice, but not the birds!

Would you like to make a beautiful wooden presentation board for your Sunday dinners while discovering the wood lathe by making matching bowls ?

With this 2 sessions of 4 h duo course (see below for dates), you won’t have to make any heart-wrenching choices, and you’ll complete a combined solid wood and wood lathe project.

Day 1 – Working on your tasting board :

  • – You’ll learn about the structure of wood and how to work it to bring out its natural beauty. You’ll learn hands-on how to transform raw wood into an elegant piece that can stand proudly on any table.

Day 2 – Turning two small wooden bowls :

  • – Learn the basics of woodturning by making bowls to match your board. They’ll become inseparable!

Skills required: none, apart from the desire to impress your guests with your woodturning skills and the delicious food you’ll present on the board and in the bowls!

The price includes all the materials you’ll need, including the right wood and lots of professional advice.

:date: The dates of our courses :

Affûtés Village:

  • – Starts on Saturday, May 25 and continues on Saturday, June 1st, from 10am to 2pm.
  • – Starts on Saturday, June 15 and continues on Saturday, June 22, from 10am to 2pm.

Do you love woodworking and want to discover new techniques? Do you dream of a world of soft curves?

This 4-hour workshop will be the perfect opportunity to discover woodworking in a different way. We’ll learn the basics of steam bending solid wood, while making a beautiful floating display with harmonious curves!

First, we’ll cover the theory of bending and how a steamer works. Then, after a demonstration, we’ll work in teams to bend a piece of wood that will make up the display. We then move on to the use of different machines, such as: the bench saw, to make cuts; the router, to create the invisible wall-hanging system; and the sanders, for a beautiful final result.

Everyone will leave with a solid wood display unit measuring approximately 10″ wide X 9″ high X 2.5″ deep.

Skills required: none, apart from a little curiosity.

Price includes all necessary materials and lots of knowledge!

Would you like to learn the delicate art of woodcarving? Would you like to learn how to handle a carving knife and bring a piece of wood to life?

In this 3-hour workshop, woodcarving enthusiast Jesse takes us on a journey of discovery into a traditional Swedish craft, while creating a Dala horse! Carving horses is a great way to master the oldest woodworking tool: the carving knife. With its smooth curves, it’s also a zen-like way to express your creativity.

After an introduction to Scandinavian carving and the legend of the Dala horse, you’ll learn about basic tools and safety precautions. We’ll then move on to learning cutting, shaping and finishing techniques.

Skills required: none, apart from a little patience!

The price includes all necessary materials, professional advice and thousands of chips.

Do you think a small wall-mounted cabinet in your bathroom would keep everything from hanging over the edge of the sink? Would you like to work with wood to create a practical storage unit?

In this 3-hour workshop, Guillaume will guide you through the creation of a wood wall cabinet with sliding Plexiglas doors. It can be integrated into your bathroom, but can also be used as a storage unit in your hallway, living room or bedroom…

You’ll have the chance to try out a saw bench, a miter saw, a pneumatic nailer and sanders.

Cabinet dimensions (H x W x D): 20″ x 24″ x 4″

You’ll be able to choose the layout of the interior shelves and the size of the sliding Plexiglas doors, which you can leave transparent or work with to give them a frosted appearance.

Skills required: none, apart from a curiosity about woodworking.

Price includes all materials and lots of woodworking tips!

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Tired of working at your kitchen table? Would you like a dedicated space to make your work more comfortable?

This 12-hour course (4 x 3-hour sessions), led by our workshop leader Guillaume, will give you the opportunity to learn more about making an elegant wall-mounted desk.

This course will give you a good mix of theory and practice to develop your passion for wood furniture making!

During these sessions, we’ll discover the basic techniques for building a wall-mounted desk on two side legs. The piece of furniture will be fitted with a formwork that will serve as storage for your work accessories.

We’ll take a look at various techniques, including working with solid wood, cutting plywood panels, assembly and finishing, and we’ll finish off by making a hanging system (French key).

We’ll also take the opportunity to learn how to use various machines and tools, such as the saw bench, planer, pneumatic nail gun, router, deburrer, fixed and orbital sanders and miter saw.

To enable you to move your furniture forward, 4 hours of independent use of the workshop will be offered to you, in addition to the 12 hours of lessons.

Skills required: accessible to beginners, this workshop is open to all.

Maximum desk surface dimensions (W x D x H): 40” X 24” X 30”.

Price includes all materials and lots of woodworking advice!

:date: The dates of our courses (4 sessions of 3 hours each):
  • – Starts on Monday, June 17 and continues on Mondays, June 24 and July 1st and 8 from 6pm to 9pm
:danger: INTENSIVE courses (4 sessions of 3 hours, over 2 days) will take place every other week. Don’t forget your lunch!
  • – Starts on Sunday, February 25 and continues on Sunday, March 10, from 10am to 1pm, then from 2pm to 5pm, for both dates.

Do you love working with wood? Have you always wanted to create beautiful shavings with your plane, or give new life to an old wood chisel lying around?

In this 3-hour workshop, Diana will teach you how to properly sharpen your chisels, planes and scraper blades. We’ll discover the anatomy of a chisel or plane, the tool’s angles of attack, the bevel and the morfil. We’ll then look at appropriate sharpening methods, so you can fully appreciate the joys of woodworking with hand tools!

Various tools will be used, including bench grinders, diamond stones, water stones and leather polishers. Because there’s nothing more satisfying for wood lovers than the sound of a chisel or plane effortlessly loosening thin shavings, leaving behind a smooth, clean surface…

Don’t forget to bring your wood chisels, plane or scraper blades to sharpen during the workshop!

Skills required: none, apart from a love of using your hands!

The price includes all necessary materials and lots of professional advice.

Would you like to learn how to work with wood, while making a game to liven up your evenings with friends?

In this 3-hour workshop, Romain, head cabinetmaker, will guide us through the making of a wood and leather game board with a leather pocket for dice.

You’ll also learn how to use a hand drill, miter saw, drill press, router, sandblaster and (re)discover different woodworking techniques. We’ll also be working with leather to make the little pouch.

Ideal as a gift, this kit is sure to delight your friends and family.

Skills required: none, apart from playing for hours at the cottage or in the park!

Price includes all materials and professional advice! Five dice are supplied with the tray and bag.

Would you like to learn how to work with wood, while making your own utensils for cutting and handling bread?

In this 3-hour workshop, head woodworker Romain will guide us through the making of three objects that will look great in your kitchen: toaster tongs, a bread knife and a board for cleanly slicing loaves and baguettes.

For the knife blade, we’re giving a second life to our band saw blades!

You’ll also have the chance to learn how to use a hand drill, miter saw, drill press, band saw, router, sanders and (re)discover different woodworking techniques.

Ideal as a gift, this set of three useful wooden objects will delight your loved ones.

Skills required: none, apart from a love of hot toast in the morning!

Price includes all materials and professional advice!

Would you like to show off the beautiful plant in your living room? Do you want to save space while adding style to your home?

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll be making a suspension made up of a wooden frame and a macrame weave. This will be an opportunity to discover woodworking using different machines and techniques, such as: the miter saw for making angled cuts, the router for stylizing the edges, tools for assembling the frame, and then the drill press and sandblaster for the finishing touches! We’ll also learn the basic techniques for tying macrame threads as you wish.

Skills required: none, all beginners and plant lovers welcome!

The price includes all materials, the pot (but not the plant) and good humor.