Basketry level 2 – Making a laundry basket

Have you ever taken an introductory basketry workshop and would like to learn more? Would you like to display a beautiful laundry basket in your apartment?

During this 4-hour workshop, Fabienne Clément, basketry craftswoman, will guide us in the making of a beautiful and practical laundry basket. Starting with a wooden base, we will learn to weave one row at a time and insert two handles on the sides for easy movement. You will have the opportunity to add color to the weaving and choose between woven or wooden handles! We’ll then see how to finish her basket with a border.

Dimensions : Base 13in (33 cm) x height: 16in (41 cm).

Price includes all materials and tools needed, as well as Fabienne’s smile and advice!

NB: The workshop time is indicative, and it may take longer for some participants. We therefore recommend that you do not schedule an appointment right after!

PS: This class requires you to have done the basketry initiation (making a small basket or lunchbox).

$115 + txs
6 slots left
Location Village Language French Level Intermediate Category Duration 4:00
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