Workshops for initiation and creation of bicycle accessories


Maintain and store your bike at the end of the season

Are you part of the seasonal cycling gang? You would like to be autonomous in the maintenance of your bike, before storing it for the winter? This 3-hour workshop, led by Arnaud, a cycling enthusiast, will be an opportunity to review your bike and learn the basics, to maintain it well before the winter season. […]
Level Beginner Duration 3:00 Category
Price $85 + txs Information

Make a wood balance bike for your child

Would you like to give a unique gift to your daughter, your son, your niece, or your nephew? Do you want to give her/him the bicycle itch? This 4-hour workshop will be the opportunity to learn to build a wooden balance bike without pedals, for a child between the ages of 1 and 4 years […]
Level Beginner Duration 4:00 Category ,
Price $179 + txs Information

Prepare and maintain your bike for winter

Are you a cycling enthusiast, brave enough to face the snow? Would you like to know how best to prepare for the cold season? During this 3-hour workshop, led by Cédrik, you will learn everything you need to know about winter bike maintenance. We will cover the main challenges associated with winter cycling, the differences […]
Level Beginner Duration 3:00 Category ,
Price $75 + txs Information