Maintain and store your bike at the end of the season

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Are you part of the seasonal cycling gang? You would like to be autonomous in the maintenance of your bike, before storing it for the winter?

This 3-hour workshop, led by Arnaud, a cycling enthusiast, will be an opportunity to review your bike and learn the basics, to maintain it well before the winter season. We will discover the steps of mechanical maintenance, the different cleanings to do at the end of the season, as well as precious storage tips.

We will cover the following topics :

– General cleaning (disassembly, products and methods)
– the oiling of the mechanics, specific to the season (derailleur, chain, cassette…)
– greasing of metal parts (pedals, seatpost, bearings, casings…)
– how to do a complete evaluation of the bike to identify and anticipate problems.

Everyone will leave with a biodegradable cleaning spray.

The cost includes oil, tightening and a mountain of advice! However, we don’t offer a bike at the end, you have to bring your own!

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