Repair and maintain your bike – Level II

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Are you a cycling enthusiast who already knows the basics of maintenance and tuning? Would you like to take your bike to the next level to be able to pamper your faithful companion?

This 3-hour workshop, at the intermediate level, will be the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of bike maintenance, repair, and adjustment. Arnaud, a bicycle enthusiast, and experienced mechanic will guide you through all the steps of crankset maintenance, disc brake adjustment, and changing a cassette or freewheel.

You will learn about the different types of cranksets and how to diagnose and evaluate a crankset in need of maintenance. You will learn how to disassemble and lubricate cranksets, and then reassemble them with a technique to aim the pedals. We will then discuss the cassette, its life span, the signs of end of life, and learn how to disassemble and reassemble it. Finally, we will focus on mechanical disc brakes. We will talk about how the caliper works on the disc and we will learn how to disassemble, maintain, reassemble, clean and adjust the brakes.

Skills required: have already attended a bike maintenance or adjustment workshop, or have experience in the field.

The price includes all the necessary materials and tools, as well as Arnaud’s precious advice! However, we don’t offer a bike at the end, you have to bring your own.

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