Introduction to embroidery – Learn visible mending

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Would you like to learn how to embroider while fighting against the fast fashion industry? Would you like to extend the life of your favorite clothes and create your own style with colorful threads and thoughtful patches?

In this 3-hour workshop, Clara will introduce you to the art of visible mending! Visible mending is an embroidery technique that consists in darning your clothes in a visible way. This creative art aims to highlight the traces of time, to make your garment unique, and to live in peace with your ecological conscience.

You will learn several stitches and techniques that will allow you to know how to repair our jeans, our sweaters, or to personalize our t-shirts:

– The three basic embroidery stitches and their variations to cover stains, holes, or simply embellish an old garment.

– How to create and apply suitable patches.

– How to weave directly on the fabric.

Skills required: none! This friendly workshop is accessible to beginners and can also challenge more experienced embroiderers.

The price includes all the necessary materials, Clara’s beautiful smile, and lots of tips!

Past makers' reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
4 April 2024

Ce qui était bien c’est: l’atelier de groupe, les explications sur l’histoire de la broderie. La professeur était très agréable et connaît sa matière!

23 September 2023

Nous étions un petit groupe donc un accès facile à Clara. Clara est également très vivante et est visiblement passionnée par son sujet.

10 August 2023

J’ai aimé les exercices proposés et les explications de Clara.

27 June 2023

J’ai aimé le dynamisme de l’affûteuse, le format et le déroulement de l’atelier, l’ambiance décontractée d’entraide entre participantes.

1 June 2023

Clara est sympa, la partie théorique intéressante, on a appris des trucs concrets

18 May 2023

J’ai aimé la patience de Clara et ses explications claires


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