Learn to repair knitted garments and socks

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Have moths, campfire embers or your cat ruined your favorite knitwear? Would you like to take off your shoes without being embarrassed by the holes in your socks? Would you like to learn how to stop the damage and continue wearing them, with the added pride of having repaired them yourself?

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn by hand how to weave a patch through your knitwear or socks to repair the damaged area and make it a subtle or even colorful part of your garment from now on.

You can expect :

  • – A presentation of knitwear types: weight, composition and texture
  • – A demonstration of the festoon stitch (to stabilize a frayed edge)
  • – Execute a scallop stitch on a sample provided
  • – A demonstration of darning and its variations
  • – Practice darning on the supplied sample or chosen garment
  • – Finishing repairs

We suggest you bring a few knits with you to choose the most suitable to start with during the course, so you can benefit from our expert’s notions. The easiest to darn to start with are the thicker knits.

Skills required: None. You don’t need to know how to knit or have hand-stitched before to take the course.

The price includes all necessary materials and the expert advice of our seamstress-er!

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