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As part of the Circular Economy Month, a topic particularly close to our hearts, we’re giving a challenge to our lovely community!

Use your creativity to take up the Scraps Challenge… No need to be a pro, it’s boldness and creativity that will be rewarded!

We’ll be wrapping up the Scraps Challenge with an event on Saturday, October 28, at Les Affûtés Petite Italie, from 2 to 5 pm, where we’ll get together and award the prizes to the grand winners in each category.

Here are the 3 categories for you to let your imagination run wild:

  1. Halloween (costume, decor or any other spooky creation) 🎃
  2. The most useful 🔨
  3. The wackiest 🤪

How does it work?
– Register for the event on Saturday, October 28. You can register as a participant or just a visitor with voting rights!

– We’ll make a whole range of scraps available for free at our two locations: wood, fabric, metal, plexiglass, leather, mosaic, plant moss… You can also use your own scraps if you have any at home.

Les Affûtés scraps will be available :
– at Petite-Italie from Tuesday, October 10
– at the Village from Wednesday, October 11.

– You then have two weeks to complete your project, at Les Affûtés or elsewhere. Note that you’ll have to pay for your own time if you do it at Les Affûtés.

– Show up with your best smile at Les Affûtés Petite-Italie on October 28, at 1:30 p.m. (to have some time to find the perfect place to display your work).

– Around 3:30 p.m.: everyone will take part in the votes to name the best project for each category, and an awards ceremony will close the event!

🎁🎁🎁 There will be a gift for each winner, matching the theme of the chosen category.

We can’t wait to see what your imagination comes up with!

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