Sewing course – Making a bomber jacket

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Would you like to be able to repurpose all kinds of fabrics and make a unique, timeless garment? Would you like to learn how to sew your own four-season bomber jacket?

In this 6-hour course (2×3 hours), Adam will guide you through the making of a timeless wardrobe staple: the aviator-style bomber jacket!

Special feature: the fabrics used are exhibition banners from the circular economy, donated by various Montreal museums, which are committed to giving materials a second life! We’ll have a range of choices, so everyone can let their imagination run wild and create a personalized garment, with crazy pattern and colors to match!

We’ll cover all the basics of sewing:
– Session 1: choosing the pieces that make up the jacket; discovering how the sewing machine works; cutting fabric to size; assembly.
– Session 2: fitting the zipper; making the cuffs, neckline and bottom of the jacket; topstitching and finishing.

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to anyone interested in reusing materials!

Price includes all materials and lots of pro tips!

Training sessions will take place on Tuesdays, January 30 and February 06, 2024, from 6pm to 9pm.

NB: Workshop time is indicative, and may take longer for some participants. We therefore recommend that you do not schedule an appointment immediately afterwards!

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$169 + txs
  • 16 years old minimum
    Tuesday, April 2 6:00 pm
    Location: Village Duration: 2 x 3H Language: French