Sewing – Making your own tunic dress

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Do you dream of a one-of-a-kind dress with the arrival of warm weather? Would you like to learn how to make a garment?

In this 4-hour workshop, Kathryn, a seamstress with a passion for fabric upcylcing, will help you make a beautiful tunic dress! Each participant will be able to personalize their project by choosing fabric from a varied selection.

We’ll cover the basics of sewing and how to use a sewing machine and serger. We’ll learn various garment design techniques, such as: threading and setting up a machine; sewing several layers together; practicing straight and curved seams; topstitching; finishing seams with the serger; and hemming.

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to anyone interested in reusing materials.

The price includes all necessary materials, beautiful, colorful fabrics and lots of advice!

NB: Workshop time is indicative, and may take longer for some participants. We therefore recommend that you don’t schedule an appointment right afterwards!

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$89 + txs
  • 12 years old minimum
    Thursday, July 25 5:30 pm
    Location: Village Duration: 4:00 Language: French