Cooking homemade pizza: Making dough and tomato sauce

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Have you always dreamed of making your own homemade pizzas? Would you like to know all the secrets of soft dough and gourmet toppings?

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll discover the techniques for making pizza dough by hand, as well as an artisan sauce. Equipped with basic kitchen utensils, we’ll make pizza dough, a vegetarian tomato sauce and learn more about cooking techniques.


After discussing the importance of choosing the right ingredients, we’ll learn how to knead dough by hand, follow the fermentation steps, assemble ingredients, and respect cooking temperatures.


Skills required: none! This workshop is open to all, whether you’re a passionate amateur, a budding chef or simply a gourmet.
The price includes all necessary materials, kitchen equipment, raw materials and good humor!

Cooking workshops are held in the kitchen of the Centre de Ressources et d’Action Communautaire de la Petite-Patrie (CRACPP), at the corner of Drolet and Bélanger. We’ll let you know the exact address once you’ve registered.

Note: remember to bring your own containers so you can take home the products you’ve made.

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$89 + txs
  • 12 years old minimum
    Saturday, August 17 3:00 pm
    Location: Cooking Workshops Montreal (Rosemont) Duration: 3:30 Language: French