Soapmaking level 2 – (re)discovering ancestral soaps

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You’ve already made cold-saponified soap, but don’t dare stray from your recipe? Would you like to take your skills to the next level by working on some of the must-have recipes of artisan soapmaking?

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll (re)discover three great soapmaking classics that have stood the test of time for generations! We’ll be making two skin care recipes: Aleppo soap and Castile soap, followed by a recipe for a vegan all-purpose household soap, adapted from the famous ‘savon du pays’.

After an introduction to the ingredients and properties of these ancestral recipes, we’ll look at different techniques for incorporating natural active ingredients. These will bring even more virtues to our soaps, and allow us to personalize them! We’ll talk about medicinal plant macerates, exfoliating agents, softeners and stain removers.

Everyone will leave with 6 soaps (2 from each recipe), adapted to their needs and scented to their liking.

Skills required: previous experience of soapmaking or cold-saponified soapmaking.

Price includes all necessary materials and lots of useful tips!

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