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Zéro Déchet

Introduction to making your own soap

Would you like to learn how to make your own handmade soap? You want to be able to wash yourself with your own creations and make beautiful gifts? This 2.5 hour workshop will be an opportunity to discover soap making while having fun! ..
Level Beginner Duration 3:00 Category ,
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Make your own natural cosmetics to enjoy the outdoors

Are you passionate about the outdoors and would like to use natural and environmentally friendly cosmetics? Do you want to apply the principles of zero waste outside your bathroom? During this 3-hour workshop, Marie will show you how to make three natural products for the outdoors. You will make a bug repellent, a solid sun […]
Level Beginner Duration 3:00 Category , ,
Price $79 + txs Information
Zero Waste

To make your own solid shampoo and perfumed bath salt

On utilisera huiles essentielles et poudre pour créer un shampoing unique adapté à son cheveu. Et pour avoir un maximum de relaxation à la maison, on apprendra aussi à réaliser du sel de bain parfumé. Tu repartira avec un moule pour pouvoir refaire ton shampoing.
Level Beginner Duration 2:30 Category , ,
Price $75 + txs Information