Hair care – make your own solid shampoo and cream conditioner

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Your hair is unruly and you want to tame it? Do you dream of making your own personalized, eco-friendly hair routine in the comfort of your own home?

During this 3-hour workshop, we will discover all the steps to make a solid shampoo and a creamy conditioner, to take care of your hair at all times! We will learn about the properties of the different raw materials used in the manufacturing of natural products; we will discover which vegetable oils and butters to choose according to the nature of our hair; and we will handle SCI and an emulsifying wax.

Each participant will leave with a 100g bar of solid shampoo, the mould to reproduce it at home, as well as a 200g revitalizing mask. Everything will be personalized according to your needs and desires!

Skills required: none, except for wanting a healthy head of hair.

The price includes all the necessary equipment, recipes and lots of advice!

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$89 + txs
  • Wednesday, February 8 6:00 pm
    Location: Village Duration: 3:00 Language: French
  • Sunday, February 26 10:00 am
    Location: Little Italy Duration: 3:00 Language: French