Introduction to upholstery – making a pouf

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Are you tired of sitting on the floor when you want to meditate? Is your couch too high and you don’t know what to do with your feet? Have you always wanted to learn how to upholster furniture?

In this 3 hours workshop, Nina, a trained upholsterer, will explain the basics of upholstery while making a plump little pouf.

We will cover the basics of upholstering, such as choosing the right fabric and foam, the right tension to use and the basic tools to get started.

Ottoman size 12”x12”x9”.

Skills required: none, except the love of comfortable seating!

The price includes the material and valuable advice.

Past makers' reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)
23 February 2024

Nina is a great teacher. When she realized that most of thy class spoke English she switched immediately to English, while still explaining in French as necessary, and when the other students arrived she switched back to French for most of the class but still helped the English speakers. Her instructions were clear and the way she set up the class made it so that no one was waiting for tools, there were different tasks to do. She asked for permission to help ppl instead of just taking things and doing it herself, but mostly she would give a demo and then let you try again. She went around the class and checked with everyone and helped as needed. She responded well to different preferences people had, allowing some to work on their own more even though they probably needed the help (even though it was offered), and helped those who asked for it while checking in on everyone. I really felt like I learned the beginning of a skill and could complete similar projects on my own. Nina speaks English very well and explains things well in both languages. Her class was one of the best put together classes, in steps, in explanation, in timing, as well as having a good amount of detail about upholstery in general. Also really appreciate the lesson paper.

20 January 2024

J’ai beaucoup aimé l’ambiance très agréable, l’accueil amical, le petit groupe et les compétences de l’instructeur et son dynamisme et sourire!

7 December 2023

Tout, Nina était super pédagogue et gentille, elle prenait du temps avec chacun des participants.

11 November 2023

Belle compténce de l’animatrice, tout était bien préparé et le temps alloué pour réaliser le projet était adéquat. On en veut plus!!!!

28 October 2023

Étant entièrement satisfaite de l’atelier, je ne saurais dire quelle amélioration il pourrait y avoir. La disponibilité de Nina à répondre à toutes nos questions était un gros plus!

8 September 2023

Les conseils, la camaraderie, l’entraide, la qualité des matériaux fournis. Nina est gentille et pédagogue 🙂


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