Pyrogravure – decorating wooden bookmarks

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Do you love wood and want to discover pyrography? Would you like to learn how to personalize all your wooden objects?

In this 3-hour workshop, Isabelle will introduce you to the decorative art of wood pyrography, creating personalized wooden bookmarks to accompany your reading!

We’ll cover the basics: the equipment needed; tracing and transferring a sketch; pyrography methods; and the types of tips to use. We’ll then explore universal, tracing and shading tips, followed by basic techniques for filling, texturing and relief. We’ll also learn how to add a touch of color to our projects, using watercolors!

Each participant will be able to decorate two wooden bookmarks, giving free rein to their creativity and choosing from a variety of motifs, colors and decorations, for unique results!

Skills required: none, not even reading.

Price includes all materials, plus lots of tips and laughs!

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