Initiation to the culture of micro sprouts and germinations

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Would you like to learn how to grow ecological and nutritious food in a corner of your kitchen? Does the world of microgreens seem mysterious to you?

In this 3-hour workshop, Joëlle, an expert in seedlings and urban agriculture, will take us on a journey of discovery of micro sprouts and germinations! We will learn about the different types of sprouts, their environmental benefits, their health benefits, as well as their economic interest.

Two growing techniques will then be discussed: in a germinator and on soil. The latter is also applicable to seedlings for the vegetable garden. After stimulating our taste buds with a tasting game, we will put our hands in the ground to discover the different steps, from sowing to harvesting.

Everyone will leave with a germinator, a bag of seeds of their choice and the knowledge to get started at home!

Skills required: none, except for a love of greenery.

The price includes all the necessary equipment and lots of professional advice!

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