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Knitting Course Level II – Making a winter hat

Do you want to master the classic of all knitters? And at the same time learn how to adapt your patterns? In this workshop, reserved for knitters who have mastered the right and wrong stitches, you will learn how to knit in circles with double point and circular needles, how to make a sample, how […]
Level Intermediate Duration 6:00 Category
Price $160 + txs Information

Knitting Course level II – Making socks

Young and old, everyone wears socks! Want to master the art of knitting these clothes that are more than useful to keep your feet warm? This is the ideal knitting project: small and practical, it can be taken anywhere. The best part? All you need is a skein to knit a pair. So get to […]
Level Intermediate Duration 9:00 Category ,
Price $215 + txs Information