Category: Metal

Introduction to welding – Making a creative sculpture

Want to discover metal welding while working on your creativity? In this workshop, we will make small creative sculptures from metal elements (nuts, bolts, washers…). Once we have chosen our materials, we will safely learn all the basics of welding: cutting with a band saw, MIG welding, finish grinding, painting… We promise you intensive learning, […]
Level Beginner Duration 3:00 Category
Price $99 + txs Information

Introduction to welding – Making an outdoor lantern

Want to learn how to work with metal and make your own lantern for those long evenings on the patio? In this workshop you will learn all the basics of sheet metal fabrication: modeling, shearing, bending, edge finishing, spot welding. You’ll leave with your lantern, ready to brave any gust of wind! The workshop includes […]
Level Beginner Duration 3:00 Category
Price $119 + txs Information

Welding training – Making a metal lamp

Do you want to discover metal work in depth, by making a vintage lamp with an industrial style? Want to light up your autumn and winter evenings with a warm light? This 2 session course will allow you to learn all the fundamentals of MIG welding and to practice extensively: – The theory and practice […]
Level Beginner Duration 6:00 Category
Price $229 + txs Information