Bike maintenance Training – Being autonomous to adjust and repair your bike

Do you want to go on a bike trip, ride all year round, or repair your family’s bikes?

This workshop is a full day training to learn EVERYTHING: changing a broken spoke, adjusting your brakes, changing a casing, adjusting your derailleur, changing a chain… You will learn how to use the different tools (tire changer, chain and chain derailleur tester, spoke wrench), the techniques to repair your bike in the middle of a ride and all the secrets to a complete tune-up.

Required skills: none, the workshop is open to everyone!

The price includes everything you need: oil, tightening, thinking, action and a mountain of tips! And also a small kit to be autonomous on the road. 🙂

$154.78 + txs
No slots left
Location Village Language French Level Beginner Category Duration 6:00