Course – Converting a Van

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Do you dream of traveling the country in your live-in-van? Would you like to have all the keys to convert your van into a little cocoon by yourself?

In addition to woodworking, this course brings together several skills, in order to obtain all the necessary competencies to be autonomous in the realization of your project. Over the course of the weeks, we will learn :

-Course 1: How to start your project
Know the different steps in the creation of a van.
Choose the right vehicle for your needs.
Create and draw the interior design plan.
Choose the key components.
Where to buy parts.
Mistakes to avoid.
Knowing your budget.

-Course 2: Exterior layout and insulation
Procedures for installing equipment (e.g. windows, fans).
The different tools for cutting bodywork.
Creating good insulation.

-Course 3: Electricity in a Van
The different electrical components.
Create an electrical diagram and calculate its consumption.
Know the different types of batteries.
Learn how to connect 120V to a van.

-Course 4: Plumbing in a van
Choose your components.
Draw a plumbing diagram.
Know the methods to create a shower.
Install a pump.
Make sure the system does not leak.
Learn how to winterize your van.

The sessions of the course starting February 20th will take place on Monday evenings: February 20th and 27th as well as March 6th and 13th from 6pm to 9pm at Les Affûtés Garage.

PS: Note that you will not be able to practice on your own vehicle during the sessions. But you will get a lot of personalized advice on how to set up your van in a unique and appropriate way!

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