Halloween Repairothon

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For Halloween, would you like to resurrect your appliances that have gone to the dark side of the force? Is your computer, cell phone or tablet zombifying?

Insertech and Les Affûtés are getting together on Saturday, October 29th for a Halloween Repairathon, which will allow you to repair your computer/electronic devices and small appliances.

For the small appliances part with Les Affûtés :

(Number of places limited to 2 people per 20 minutes slot – registration via the Les Affûtés website).

Maxime and Martin, two specialists in electromechanics, will help you diagnose and repair, if possible, your defective appliance.
What can we repair?

– Kettle, radio, hair dryer, iron, mixer, toaster, sweeper, electric tools, food processor, milk frother, etc…
We do not cover large appliances or microwaves.

What if I don’t have the part to fix it?
The session will be an opportunity to check if a part is actually broken. If you already know the part to replace, you can bring it with you, and we will do the repair together.

For the electronic computer part with Insertech :

(Limited number of places, registration via the Insertech website: https://www.insertech.ca/events/reparothon-a-latelier-les-affutes-du-29-octobre-2022/)

Experienced computer and electronics volunteers will help you diagnose and repair, if possible, your defective or slow devices in order to extend their life. In the spirit of sharing knowledge, you take an active part in the repair.

What can be repaired?
– Desktop computers (PC/Mac), laptops (PC/Mac), digital tablets, smartphones.

A Repair-a-thon is a free community event. Notice to all amateurs, there is a rumor that repairs are more efficient when you are dressed up…

PS: candy and spells will be available.

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