How to make your soap – Natural active ingredients

Want to know what lathers your soap and makes your skin so soft? Want to give a unique twist to your homemade soaps?

This 3-hour workshop led by Marie, who has a passion for bubbles and homemade products, will be an opportunity to take a new step in the making of cold saponified soaps! We will focus on natural active ingredients, those magical ingredients that make all the difference.

Starting with a basic recipe adapted to all skin types, we will discover the cold saponification process, explore different natural active ingredients and add specific properties to our soaps, which will then become unique and personalized! Thanks to Mother Nature, the use of plant powders, mineral powders and milks will allow you to make exfoliating, purifying, nourishing, softening, surgras soaps…

Everyone will leave with about 10 bars, which he/she can perfume and decorate as he/she wishes!

Required skills: having followed the introductory soap workshop or having already tried to make simple cosmetics.

The price includes all materials, raw materials and mass advice!

$80 + txs
8 slots left
Location Village Language French Level Intermediate Category , Duration 3:00