Woodworking Course- Design your ideas in 3D on SketchUp

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Do you dream of a three-dimensional vision? You have lots of project ideas and you’re tired of scribbling freehand drawings?

This course is for you! During these 12 hours, we will learn how to use the SketchUp software.  Gauthier, a modeling expert, will help us understand the work and challenges of 3D modeling. We will cover all the steps to obtain a clear and precise drawing, in order to confidently launch into the realization of our projects!

Using an antique piece of furniture as a model, we will see all the basic steps and techniques of SketchUp:
Course 1: Efficient navigation and software shortcuts
Lesson 2: Drawing in 2D
Course 3: Moving to 3D drawing
Course 4: Modeling a personal project with individual support

Skills required: a mouse and a computer that can meet the following requirements and an interest in modeling!

The sessions of the course starting October 31st at Little Italy will take place on Sundays October 31st and November 14th – from 10am to 5pm (allow a one-hour lunch break).

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