Make your own flat pack outdoor chair

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Are you a fan of outdoor activities and concerts, but not a fan of sitting on the wet grass? Would you like some class and comfort for your long evenings around the fire?

During this 4-hour workshop, Mikael, workshop leader, and outdoor enthusiast will guide you through the making of a flat pack outdoor chair, made of Montreal ash! With a backrest made of recycled banner, which is resistant and waterproof, this chair can be stored flat, under your arm, or in the trunk of your car, ready to go on an adventure.

You will discover the basics of woodworking by using the miter saw and the band saw for cutting; the tabletop router for rounding the pieces; the pneumatic nailer and the screwdriver to assemble the chair. We’ll finish with sanding, grommeting, and lacing up the back of the chair.

Skills: none, except maybe having an interest in glamping!

The price includes all the necessary materials and lots of advice.

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