Become an expert in interior design: materials

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Are you interested in interior design? Do you want to learn about the properties of different materials and what makes them special?

For our decoration projects, we often underestimate the complexity behind choosing the right materials among all the possibilities, paint, wallpaper, wood, etc.

During this 3-hour workshop, led by Rachel, an interior design expert, you will learn about several concepts such as: choosing materials according to your budget and your needs, calculating the quantity and loss of each material, and choosing the right materials according to the desired style and ambiance.

You will learn about the most common materials and some of the rarest to make your future projects a success!

Skills required: none, the workshop is open to all!

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$65 + txs
  • Saturday, December 10 10:00 am
    Location: Little Italy Duration: 3:00 Language: French