Repair workshops

Labo-Fûtés – Electro repair – Free project

Required skills: you must have already attended a workshop on the basics of repairing small appliances and know how to use a multimeter (we will not go over the basics of the discipline). The Labo-Fûtés, are workshops of restricted group, to be able to go further in its project, while benefitting from a personalized accompaniment, […]
Level Intermediate Duration 2:00 Category
Price $39 + txs Information

Learn caning to repair your chairs

Would you like to discover the ancient art of woven cane? Would you like to add a retro touch to your home by giving a second life to that old chair that needs some love? In this 3.5 hour workshop, Diana will introduce us to the basics of caning on a wooden frame. We will […]
Level Beginner Duration 3:30 Category , ,
Price $99 + txs Information

Learn how to repair your clothes

Are you tired of leaving your clothes in the closet because of a tear or would you like to extend their life? This 3-hour workshop is an opportunity to learn the basics of repair: closing a hole, repairing a seam, applying a patch, protecting a tear, hand stitching… We will discover all we need to […]
Level Beginner Duration 3:00 Category ,
Price $69 + txs Information

Repair small appliances like a pro

What’s wrong with this kettle? And is it really so complicated to repair yourself when it doesn’t work anymore? This 3-hour workshop, hosted by Maxime, an electro-mechanic, is here to make you autonomous, by teaching you diagnostic and repair techniques with common household appliances (kettle, toaster, hair dryer…). You’ll also get to practice on defective […]
Level Beginner Duration 3:00 Category
Price $69 + txs Information