Repair small appliances like a pro

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Do you eat your bread cold, because your toaster has become temperamental? And is it so complicated to repair yourself when it stops working?

This 3-hour workshop, mostly theoretical, will teach you diagnostic and repair techniques for common appliances (kettle, toaster, hair dryer, drill…), and you’ll be able to practice on faulty appliances.

For educational reasons, it will not be possible to repair appliances brought from home.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
– Basic principles of safe working and personal protective equipment (PPE).
– The function of the main electrical and mechanical components of small household appliances, and how to check them.
– Analysis of typical electrical diagrams for a number of small appliances.
– Multimeter: understand how it works to check electrical components such as switches, diodes, thermostat, potentiometer, motor, heating element.
– Troubleshooting, repair techniques and their application to various household appliances.
– Tools needed for repairs, how to use them and set up a toolbox.
– The various parts and consumables needed to repair small appliances: switches, fuses, plugs, connectors, cleaners, bulbs, heating elements, tin, heat-shrink tubing, connection caps, etc.
– Resources for obtaining reference information and purchasing parts and tools.

To make sure you have time to cover all the material, if you bring an electro from home, a diagnosis of the problem can be made, if time permitting.

Skills required: None, just curious about how our appliances work!

The price includes all the necessary equipment, small defective electros and lots of valuable advice!

Past makers' reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
23 July 2023

J’ai ADORÉ l’atelier de réparation de petits électroménagers. Maxime est très pédagogue, passionné et à une grande expertise dans ce domaine. J’ai fait des apprentissages très utiles que j’ai vraiment hâte de mettre en pratique avec mon défunt haut-parleur Wifi. Merci Maxime et Les affutés!

27 May 2023

L’atelier a passé trop vite !

L’animateur Maxime, très compétent et excellent pédagogue, disponibilité des équipements (multimètres, petits outils, etc)

Endroit convivial

17 March 2023

Le prof était gentil et professionnel

27 January 2023

L’animateur Maxime, très compétent et excellent pédagogue, disponibilité des équipements (multimètres, petits outils, etc)

Endroit convivial et accueil très sympathique!

27 January 2023

Très chouette atelier! Gros plus pour l’humour, l’expérience et la pédagogie de Maxime

28 November 2022

Très bel atelier. Bon accueil, bonne ambiance. Je recommande!


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