Learn to identify and choose the right fabrics

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Don’t know which fabrics to use to make your clothes, or which are compatible with each other? Would you like to combine fabrics skilfully without getting a nasty surprise in the first wash?

In this mostly theoretical 3-hour workshop, led by a sewing specialist, you’ll learn the best ways to distinguish the different fabrics used to sew garments, and how to make the wisest choices. You can expect to:

  • – Learn to identify fabrics through observation with a magnifying glass and touch.
  • – Differentiate between the characteristics of different types (fit, weight, fall and appearance).
  • – Learn about the various interlining options available and choose the right fabric to sew a prototype for your project.
  • – Understand the criteria and descriptions on a pattern pocket to buy the right fabric in a store or online.
  • – Know how to care for and prepare fabrics for sewing.

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to all!

The price includes all the necessary equipment and lots of useful tips!

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