Sewing Class – Making your own jeans jacket

The Couture course is there to deepen your knowledge, to go further than the single workshops, both by taking the time (3 full days – 2 classes per day) to carry out a more complex project, and by discovering everything to become autonomous.

In Level II, we create a jeans jacket, an essential part of a wardrobe!

Class 1: Creating your own model and adapting a pattern.
Classes 2 and 3: Techniques and practices (sleeves, neckline…)
Classes 4 and 5: Assembly
Class 6: Finishes

Skills required: none, except for having already used a sewing machine or participated in one of our workshops.

The price includes all materials and lots of valuable tips.

Limit of 8 people, for the quality of teaching!

Session dates: Sunday, April 11, 18 and 25 – 10am to 5pm (remember to bring your lunch!).

$430 + txs
No slots left