Sew three accessories for the night

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Would you like to learn how to use a sewing machine? Do you like to have accessories to spend restful nights?

In this 3-hour workshop, led by Ann-Sophie, you will have the opportunity to design 3 accessories for the night, while learning about the sewing machine.
Ideal for sewing beginners, we will discover the basics of sewing such as :

Threading the machine, sewing right angle corners, placing an elastic, doubling a piece with a curved shape, making beautiful finishes.
For the perfect night’s sleep, here are the three accessories we will sew:

– A pillowcase with custom dimensions (remember to take measurements or come with one of your own)
– A wolf to sleep longer
– A hair scrunchie to avoid tangled hair the next morning

Skills required: none, this workshop is accessible to all great sleepers.

The price includes all materials and Ann-Sophie’s precious advice.

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