Sewing course I – Making your pants

The Couture course is there to deepen your knowledge, to go further than the single workshops, both by taking the time (5 weeks in a row) to carry out a more complex project, and by discovering everything to become autonomous.

In this Level I, we will make pants! Each participant will have the choice between creating classic pants or jeans.
Course 1: Designing a custom pattern
Course 2: Techniques and practices (legs, belt…)
Courses 3 and 4: Assembly
Course 5: Finishing

Required skills: having already sewn a garment or participated in one of our workshops.

The price includes all materials and a lot of professional advice! Limit of 8 people, for the quality of teaching!

Session dates: Monday, February 15, 22, March 01, 08 and 15.

$425 + txs
8 slots left
Location Village Language French Level Beginner Category Duration 15:00