Virtual Workshop – Learn how to repair your clothes

Tired of leaving clothes in the closet because of a tear?

It’s time to learn the basics of repair! Repairing a hole, applying a patch, protecting a tear… You will discover everything you need to know to be autonomous. In the second part, after having seen all these basics, it will be time to repair one of your clothes with the knowledge you have acquired and the help of our expert.

Here is the list of the material you will need for this workshop:

  • Sewing machine, thread spool, bobbin (small spool underneath),
  • Scissors, pins (if needed), hand sewing needle, iron and ironing board,
  • 5-6 squares of 8×8″ (20x20cm) woven fabric (jeans or medium cotton type),
  • 2-3 patches: 2×2″ (5x5cm) woven fabric squares.

Cost of the workshop: 40$ (+taxes)

$40 + txs
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