Make a custom-made knife strips

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Do you have a collection of good kitchen knives that you would like to show off? Do you want to learn how to work with solid wood and create something useful for everyday life?

During this 3-hour workshop, Adeline, a cabinetmaker, will guide us in the design of a personalized solid wood knife strips.
We will learn different woodworking techniques such as: cutting with the miter saw; planing and jointing with the planer and the jointer; drilling with the drill press and the hand drill and finishing with the sanders.

Each participant will be able to choose between a wall-mounted or  a free-standing knife block. Several types of wood will be offered.

Skills required: none, except love to cook and love wood 🙂

PS: To make a custom-made object adapted to your kitchen, don’t hesitate to bring your own knives.

The price includes all materials and a lot of fun!

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