Woodworking & Sewing – Make your own folding chair

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Can you not decide between learning woodworking and learning to sew? No need to torture yourself, this “two-in-one” workshop is here for that!

In this workshop format, you will be accompanied by two super specialists to guide you in the making of a folding chair. For this project, you will learn both woodworking and sewing skills.

The woodworking section of the workshop will last for 2 hours. You’ll work on the structure of your chair, learn how to use the different tools and you’ll cover assembly and sanding techniques.

The sewing part will last for 1 hour. Here, you’ll work on making the seat with your choice of fabric, the operation of a sewing machine, and different sewing techniques. You will have the choice to personalize your folding chair by choosing the color and material of your fabric.

By the end of this workshop, you will certainly be sitting comfortably!

The price includes wood, fabric, screws, and lots of tips!

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