Wood Lathe Course – Turning bowls

Would you like to discover woodturning, the most zen activity in woodworking? And learn how to make your own bowls, candleholders, table legs and thousands of other objects?

That’s what this course is for. We take the time of 5 sessions to discover in depth the use of the wood lathe, and practice as much as possible under the supervision of Diana, cabinetmaker and workshop manager of Les Affûtés:

Day 1: Lathe physics and safety, the different gouges, the different types of wood, first tests.
Day 2: Sharpening, turning between points, making a mallet
Day 3: Turning on platform, physics, specific gouge, safe operation
Day 4: Turning a bowl
Day 5: Finishing, sanding and oiling of the creations

Skills required: none, except curiosity! But beware, this activity is known to be highly addictive…

The cost includes all materials.

The sessions will take place on the same days at the same times, for 5 consecutive weeks.

In addition to the 5 sessions, the Wood Lathe Course gives you free access to 6 hours of workshop in autonomy, to advance your project between sessions.

$390 + txs
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Location Village Language French Category , Duration 15:00
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