Wood lathe course – level II – making a plant table

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This level II course is designed to take you to the next level in woodturning! Over 5 sessions, you will take the time to deepen and perfect your basic woodturning techniques, complete a complex project and discover everything you need to become independent.

Over the course of the sessions, we will learn how to make woodworking assemblies on the lathe (mortise and tenon) by making a beautiful plant table out of cherry wood:

Class 1: Preparation of blanks – tracing, gluing the tenon, cutting out the legs and seat.

Lesson 2: Drilling the mortises, turning the seat on the board.

Lesson 3: Turning the legs and their tenons between the points.

Lesson 4: Finishing the turning of the pieces, assembling the furniture and making adjustments.

Lesson 5: Trimming the assemblies, sanding and finishing.

Required skills: to access this course you must have already completed the level 1 wood lathe course or the bowl and plate course + an initiation workshop.

The price includes all the materials needed, lots of tips, and lots of chips!

In addition to the 5 sessions, the woodturning course – level II – gives you free access to 8 hours of independent workshops, to advance your project between sessions.


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