Wood and woodturning training – Making your own tasting board and matching bowls

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Would you like to make a beautiful wooden presentation board for your Sunday dinners while discovering the wood lathe by making matching bowls ?

With this 2 sessions of 4h duo course (see below for dates), you won’t have to make any heart-wrenching choices, and you’ll complete a combined solid wood and wood lathe project.

Day 1 – Working on your tasting board :

  • – You’ll learn about the structure of wood and how to work it to bring out its natural beauty. You’ll learn hands-on how to transform raw wood into an elegant piece that can stand proudly on any table.

Day 2 – Turning two small wooden bowls :

  • – Learn the basics of woodturning by making bowls to match your board. They’ll become inseparable!

Skills required: none, apart from the desire to impress your guests with your woodturning skills and the delicious food you’ll present on the board and in the bowls!

The price includes all the materials you’ll need, including the right wood and lots of professional advice.

:date: The dates of our courses :

Affûtés Village:

  • – Starts on Saturday, June 15 and continues on Saturday, June 22, from 10am to 2pm.
  • – Starts on Saturday, July 20 and continues on Saturday, July 27, from 9am to 1pm.

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