Induction 2 – Machine training – Table saw and router

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Do you want to master the two most impressive machines, the table saw and the router, so you can make all the cuts and roundings you want?

This 3h30 induction workshop will focus on the uses of two machines: the bench saw and the router, two indispensable woodworking tools. We’ll look at the physics of these machines, the safe way to use them, the different blades and bits, the different uses that can be made of them, and above all, we’ll get a lot of practice!

Skills: none, everyone’s welcome!

Price includes all necessary knowledge and supervised practice.

NB: Inductions do not have to be done in order.

Past makers' reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)
19 April 2024

I enjoyed learning about the table saw and routers and felt like I’ve learned what I need to operate them safely.

27 January 2024

Romain, the trainer was really patinate about sharing his skills with us. I appreciated the ambiance of the group I was with. I didn’t know that once we do the workshops, that we could rent the tools by the hour and use them for our own projects; very impressive. I was very impressed with the entirety of your business and will definitely recommend it to others.

12 August 2023

L’information a été donnée de façon claire par Raymond. Bonne gestion du temps également, tout le monde a pu se pratiquer.

22 July 2023

Diana est vraiment géniale, très vivante et chaleureuse!

18 July 2023

Belle découverte pour moi que sont Les Affûteurs, lors de l’Intronistion 2. Romain a su transmettre son savoir-faire avec brio. La clarté et le détail de ses explications, son expérience colossale allaient bien au-delà de mes attentes. Merci !

15 June 2023

Marie-ève est une excellente professeur. J’ai apprécié sa patience, sa gentillesse et son professionnalisme.


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