Making a percussion instrument: the bongo

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Have you always wanted to build your own percussion instrument? Do you want to sway to the sunny rhythm of Latin percussion?

This bongo making workshop is the perfect first step! From the idiophone family, the bongo is one of the most iconic instruments of Cuban music. In 3 hours, accompanied by Enzo, we will explore the different types of wood, the necessary tools and techniques to learn the basics of instrument making.

We propose an all-wooden version of this instrument with two resonance boxes, which was originally covered with a goat skin membrane. Through the use of different machines, such as the router; the pneumatic nailer; the belt and orbital sanders, we will learn how to groove, glue, assemble and sand with precision. And everyone will leave with their very own versatile percussion instrument!

Final dimensions of the bongo, with the two boxes: approximately 15 x 8 po (38 x 20cm).

Skills required: none, except for having rhythm in your skin.

The price includes all necessary materials (and a small jam at the end of the workshop)!

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