Induction 3 – Machine training – Solid Woodworking

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Do you want to work with all types of wood, starting with rough lumber and ending up with beautiful, smooth boards that you can use for all your budding cabinetmaker projects?

This third and final stage of this induction to woodworking will focus on the work of the planer and jointer, the two tools used to prepare rough lumber. This course will cover the thorough use of the machines, the correct gestures to prepare the wood, and the techniques for gluing the wood once it is prepared.

NB: It is not necessary to do the enthronements in order.

Past makers' reviews

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Rated 5 out of 5
14 August 2021

Pier Vincent a su nous transmettre son amour du bois et la bonnes techniques pour comprendre la façon de faire.

Rien de négatif!

Chloé Rodriguez

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  • Saturday, April 15 10:00 am
    Location: Little Italy Duration: 3:00 Language: French