Make your own sound amplifier in solid wood

Are you a fan of music and wood? Are you looking for a beautiful object that is simple, useful and sustainable at the same time?

During this workshop, we will make a sound amplifier out of solid wood. This little speaker has everything to please: it is ecological, it has no wire or battery, it adds a unique decorative touch and it even resists water!

In 3 hours, we will discover the fundamentals of woodworking by working with solid wood. We will learn how to use the drill, the band saw, the router and we will also see assembly techniques.

Everyone will leave with their own personalized amplifier!
Note: remember to take your cell to adapt the size of the opening.

Skills required: none, everyone is welcome!

The price includes all the necessary materials and good mood at will.

$70 + txs
3 slots left
Location Village Language French Level Beginner Category Duration 3:00