Wood course – Level I – Intensive training over 3 days

The wood course is designed to deepen your knowledge by taking 6 sessions/3 full days to complete a complex project, and discovering everything you need to know to become self-sufficient!

In Level I, we train on all the machines and then make a stool/step

Course 1: Planer, jointer, bench saw
Course 2: Mitre saw, scroll saw, band saw, drill press
Course 3: Gluing techniques
Course 4: Wood and its applied technical properties
Course 5: The art of finishing, products and techniques
Course 6: Continuation of the projects of the course and individual support

In addition to the 6 sessions over 3 days, the Wood Course gives you free access to 12 hours of independent workshops to advance your project.

The sessions of this intensive 3-day training will take place on Wednesday 04/08, Thursday 05/08 and Friday 06/08, from 10am to 5pm. This schedule includes a break from 1pm to 2pm: don’t forget your lunch! 

$490 + txs
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Location Petite Italie Language French Level Beginner Category Duration 18:00
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