Wood & Weaving Course – Making a stool

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During this 4-session course, you will learn the basics of woodworking, as well as the art of natural fiber weaving whilst making a stool!

Diana, cabinetmaker, workshop leader and artisanal weaving enthusiast, will accompany you throughout the making of your stool. For the structure, you will learn how to use the miter saw, the jointer, the planer and the drill press. Then, you’ll learn to use weaving techniques to make the seat! We will use fique, a natural fiber from a plant of the agave family that is found mainly in Colombia, where it is widely used.

Everyone will leave with their own personalized woven stool!

Skills required: none, except a little patience.

The price includes all necessary materials, lots of advice and finger blisters.

The dates of the sessions are: Saturday, May 29th and Sunday, May 30th, Saturday, June 12th, and Sunday, June 13th – from 10am to 1pm.

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