Wooden course – How to make a coffee table

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Would you like to learn how to make a solid wood coffee table? Do you want to impress your friends during your next cocktail party by showing them what you can do?

During the course of this workshop (4 sessions of 3 hours each), Quentin, our workshop leader, will show you how to build your own coffee table.

This course will be an opportunity to discover woodworking using different machines such as the bench saw, jigsaw, miter saw, planer, jointer, orbital sander, router, drill/driver.

In sessions 1 and 2 we will cover: machine operation, and safety, cutting, and gluing.

In sessions 3 and 4, we will move on to assembly, sanding, and finishing.

The manufactured model will be able to be disassembled at the legs for easier transportation!

You will be able to choose the height of the table (Max: 18″ high) and the shape, rectangular (Max: 36 “x24”) or square (Max: 24 “x24”).

In addition to the 4 sessions, this course gives you free access to 4 hours of personal workshop time, to work on your table between sessions.

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