Fine woodworking course – Making a solid wood box

This 4-session course will be an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of solid woodworking and fine cabinetmaking by making a personalized treasure box!

Laurence, cabinetmaker and workshop leader, will guide us through the different steps of the course. We will start with an introduction to the machines and tools. We will then cover the planning of a fine woodworking project; the cutting of solid wood and the different characteristics of wood; the safe use of the machines (planer, jointer, bench saw, router); the different techniques of 45 degree assembly and gluing techniques; then sanding and finishing.

Everyone will leave with their own unique and personalized solid wood box and will have the choice between several wood species: walnut, cherry, maple and ash.

This course also gives you access to 4 hours of independent workshops, to advance your project between each session.

The price includes all the necessary materials and unlimited professional advice!

The sessions will take place on the same days, at the same time (6pm to 9pm) for 5 consecutive weeks. 

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